2004 Wachovia Liberty Classic

Kimberly Bruckner (T-Mobile) leads early in race. Group including Christina De Kraay (Team Fuji), Katharine Maher (Basis Aude), Tara Rossner (Canadian National Team) in opening circuit. Peloton in opening circuit. Annette Beutler (Lietzsport), Lynn Gaggioli (T-Mobile), Karen Bockel (TDS Schwalbe), and Kimberly Bruckner (T-Mobile)
Peloton leaving opening circuit. Dotsie Cowden (T-Mobile), Lara Kroepsch (T-Mobile) and Erinne Willock (Equipe Cycliste Rona) Kimberly Anderson (T-Mobile) Margaret Hemsley (Versicherung) and Kimberly Bruckner (T-Mobile)
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