2008 Bend Memorial Clinic Cascade Cycling Classic

Women's Race

Stage 1: Robberson Ford - Prineville Road Race

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Helen Kelly (TIBCO) clipping in, as field rolls out for start of stage 1 Group including Kristin Sanders (Aaron's) just after QOM and about to take a 30 minute break in the hot sun due to earlier accident in the men's field. Two more group including, Brooke Miller (TIBCO) and Alison Starnes (TIBCO) Waiting for restart, Kristin Armstrong (Cervelo - Lifeforce), Felicia Gomez (Aaron's), Julie Beveridge (Aaron's), Katheryn Mattis (Webcor),  and Sarah Barber (Bob's Bicycles)
Amber Rais (TIBCO) conferring with team director Linda Jackson Katheryn Mattis (Webcor), Christine Thorburn (Webcor), Julie Beveridge (Aaron's), Kristin Armstrong (Cervelo - Lifeforce) and Sarah Barber (Bob's Bicycles) riding again after long hot break Meredith Miller (Aaron's) and Amber Rais (TIBCO) after restart Main group restarting
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